Client Stories


"After major rotator cuff surgery and nine months of restricted activity I decided to get help to regain my physical health. I chose C.O.R.E. and I was not disappointed, every session was a positive step forward. The C.O.R.E. trainer Casey was very knowledgeable and always had in mind what would best help me without compromising my surgery. The C.O.R.E. sessions and my results exceeded my expectations."

Derek Smith


"As a result of a severely torn rotator cuff injury and inactivity following surgery my entire body had lost its usual strength and muscle tone. Under the watchful eye of Casey Smith with C.O.R.E. Fitness and Performance I have regained strength and tone that I doubted I would ever achieve again. I have resumed my usual activities and continue to get stronger. Casey challenges me while still being protective of my shoulder, carefully monitoring the amount of weight I lift, and the movements I make. His workouts are intense yet fun and I enjoy that each workout is different from the previous one."


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"The C.O.R.E. Fitness and Performance Program has greatly improved my quality of life. I have suffered from low back pain for years after lifting a heavy object and damaging two disks. Casey has worked with me to strengthen my core and to increase my flexibility. I can once again garden, keep house, and get down on the floor to play with my dogs. My back pain and muscle aches are gone! Casey is patient and makes every session challenging & fun. Life is great when you can move easily without aches & pains. I am in my mid-sixties but after going through this training I feel much younger. C.O.R.E. Fitness gives you results!"



"I worked in the fitness industry for about 10 years before moving back to the central coast to practice law. Because of my background, I am a very picky client when it comes to personal trainers. I have recommended only a handful of trainers to others in my life. CORE is a team I recommend to everyone. Not only does this team know how to make you stronger without putting you at risk of injury, they also just make you feel good. They are patient, knowledgeable, funny and kind. I've added CORE to my routine several times a week to relieve stress and keep consistent with my workouts. I am grateful I found them, they enhance my life."

Keira Cumberland


"6 months before my wedding I started working out with Casey at C.O.R.E. Fitness and Performance, I thought I was just going for my pre wedding training. Not only was I getting the results I was looking for but I started sleeping better, having more energy, and getting excited to come to the workouts, so I have continued on with my training with Casey. I like that I can workout without having fear of inuring myself and that I can trust my trainer to push me enough to maintain the balance and strength for my body. I recommend CORE all the time to my friends, family, and even strangers in the grocery store in my CORE shirts!!"

Katie Ginn


"I am 58, overweight, had shoulder surgery and have arthritis in one knee requiring treatment. I have been working out with Casey twice a week for 6 months. Casey is able to provide me a full body workout working around the knee. The feeling of sore muscles, muscles I never knew were there, from working out is great because there is no pain as I get stronger. I am able to garden and other activities, even stand after sitting, that I could only do with stiffness and pain before starting with Casey. I highly recommend him."

Erin Johnson


"If your looking for a new fitness studio, CORE Fitness is the place. Having knee issues, Casey and Kenna work with and around my injuries, they focus on correct form(to prevent injury). I have been going to CORE for 1 1/2 yrs and I am stronger in body and spirit because of CORE. I can’t imagine going anywhere else! It doesn’t hurt that everyone is super nice and all the clients are great and encouraging. It has become a staple in my life, not sure what I’d do without them!"

Kirstie Mathieu


"CORE is second to none! The programs, whether private or semi-private, are designed by knowledgeable, up-to-date, & skilled trainers who are dedicated to their clients' fitness goals. It's amazing how strong I am, even after five hip surgeries!"

Kathryn Adame