Meet The Team!!!

                              Casey Smith (Owner)

Head Personal Trainer/ Strength and Conditioning Coach



Casey grew up on the central coast his entire life and was always a part of fitness and sports communities. He played numerous sports throughout his childhood and played basketball at Righetti High School. After finishing high school Casey went to Allan Hancock College for a few years before transferring down to Long Beach State University to finish his degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science. After college he obtained his CSCS or Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. He then embarked on strength and conditioning internships to gain more knowledge about training and fitness. He interned at UCLA and Long Beach State University. He helped train many sports teams including baseball, volleyball, swimming, waterpolo, soccer, and track and field. Working with people and athletes is a passion for Casey, always wanting the best for everyone else.

After the internships were over Casey moved back to Santa Maria. His goal was to provide his services to the community and help anyone in need. It was at that point that he opened up C.O.R.E. Fitness and Performance. Casey wanted to start a company that focuses on strength training and movement. His goal is to be known as a trainer who changes people's lives by offering specialized training focusing on each client's needs.


- B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Science

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

- Strength and Conditioning Internships at UCLA and LBSU

- Training since 2013

Training Philosophy:

- Teaching big 6 lifts: Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull, and Carry

- Functional strength training movements that transfer over to everyday life activities

- Metabolic Resistance Training

Favorite Exercise:

- Hex Bar Deadlift

                                Kenna Wolter

Personal Trainer/ Strength and Conditioning Coach


- M.A. Kinesiology & Sport Science

- Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)

- Graduate Assistant at the University of South Dakota

Training Philosophy:

- Strength training to improve health, performance, and prevention of injury

- Every movement has a purpose

- Quality over Quantity!

Favorite Exercise:

- Glute Bridges

Kenna was raised right here in Santa Maria and has participated in sports ranging from basketball, cross-country, soccer, track & field, and karate since the 1st grade. During her high school career at Righetti she competed on the varsity cross-country, soccer, and track & field teams. Before attending a university she obtained her A.A. in liberal arts from Allan Hancock College while also competing in soccer and track & field where she broke the school records in the long and triple jump. She then received a scholarship to the University of South Dakota to compete in track & field and moved to Vermillion in 2010. During her collegiate career she was a 5x conference champion, 2x NCAA Division I Regional qualifier, and currently holds the school and facility records in the triple jump. After completing her B.A. in Recreation in 2013 she accepted a graduate assistantship for the track team at USD where she was in charge of the technical and strength programming of the horizontal jumpers while pursuing her M.A. in Kinesiology. During her time as a G.A. she also trained and competed on the professional level in the triple jump and finished as high as 2nd in the nation at the 2015 Indoor Championships and jumped a personal best of 44’2.25”. After graduating in May of 2015 she moved to Nashville, TN to train with a group of athletes in hopes of making the 2016 Olympic Games. Unfortunately she suffered a string of injuries that ultimately left her unable to train and compete at the level she was before.



After many injuries and unable to qualify for the trials, Kenna concluded it was time to move on from track & field and decided she wanted to give back to the community where her athletic career began. While looking for jobs in the area relating to her degree she came upon an ad for a personal trainer who would work in partnership with a physical therapy office. After her personal experience with multiple injuries, this opportunity stood out among the other job openings. She hopes that with her knowledge she can contribute to improving athletic skill in the youth as well as the health and wellness of the community.

                              James Baldonado

                               Personal Trainer

James Bio Pic.jpg


- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

- B.S. Sports  and Health Science (In Progress)

Training Philosophy:

- Functional Training to Make Everyday Life Easier

- Athletic Movements to Improve Performance and Health

- Hard Work Pays Off!


Favorite Exercise:

- Goblet Squats

James was born in raised here in Santa Maria. He grew up playing a variety of sports ranging from baseball, basketball, and soccer. Throughout high school, James wrestled and played baseball. During senior year, while playing for a local scout team, James blew out his knee which put an end to his athletic career. He tried to return but soon fell victim to another injury in his shoulder. Realizing what he had done, James then decided to join the Air Force where he began his health and fitness journey. Being "fit to fight" was a large part of the Air Force's core values. Finding this passion led James to pursue a career in health and fitness. James began school through the American Military University working towards his B.S. in Sports and Health Science. During his time in the military, he was only able to be a part-time student, with his work taking up a majority of his time. After spending four years in the military as a weather forecaster in Louisiana, James decided to separate from the military and move back home to follow his dreams. Now back in California, James continues to work towards his B.S. in Kinesiology.


Once James returned home he began working at a local physical therapy clinic that provided him with the opportunity to also work as a personal trainer. C.O.R.E. has allowed James to work towards his dreams while also continuing his education and sharing his knowledge and experience with his clients and the community.

                                  Selena Huitron
                                 Personal Trainer

                                  Isaac De La Cruz
                                 Personal Trainer