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          Semi-Private Training


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One of our professional trainers will put you and up to 3 more clients (2-4) through an individualized training session. Semi-Private training is much more cost effective than 1 on 1 training but still offers amazing results. Membership options include 2 or 3 days per week memberships. By keeping each session only 4 people you will get the necessary time and attention of our trainers in order for you to reach your goals. Our classes are high energy, highly motivating, and specifically programmed to your needs.

3 Days/ Week
6 Month Commitment: $205/ Month
3 Month Commitment: $255/ Month
2 Days/ Week                     
6 Month Commitment: $139/ Month         
3 Month Commitment: $170/ Month  

* Recommended for people without limitations or injuries

Our Semi-Private Training focuses on teaching full body strength training and metabolic training. Each client will have their own personalized program tailored to their goals. This allows each client to get Amazing Results!!

Example Template Semi-Private Session (60 Minutes) (COVID-19 Guidelines)

  • 5 Minutes Foam Rolling

  • 5 Minutes Mobility, Flexibility, and Stretching

  • 40 Minutes Full Body Functional Strength Training Workout

    • Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core

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  • 10 Minutes Cleaning the Gym (Trainers)

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